Marriage Statuses for Whatsapp and Why should you use them?

When you are dating someone, you want to keep in touch with your partner. Except for frequent dates, you also spend hours talking by phone or chatting via Viber, Whatsapp or other social networking sites. By the way, in current times, people used to chat more than talk. Simply put, we spend more time typing messages to each other. Seems like today, Whatsapp messages are an inseparable part of any relationship.

The overriding purpose of this review is to discern about marriage statuses on Whatsapp. We’ll try to find the answer to the question of the importance of marriage statuses on Whatsapp. Some users are indifferent to them. Nevertheless, they can help you express your mood or show your attitude to this or that problem.

Keep in mind that this app has more than 1 billion users from all over the globe. More than 1 billion users from all over the globe chat via Whatsapp and almost 460 million use statuses. It means that this feature is in demand among Whatsapp users. Some of them are searching for funny statuses to cheer up, but some users need sad statuses to show that they have no desire to talk to someone today.

Besides, when you start dating someone, the first thing you will do together is chatting via Whatsapp. Only after this stage, you’ll start using the option of video chat or start calling each other. Therefore, statuses are the best tool to express your mood today.

Why Should You Use Marriage Statuses?

Are you married? Do you love your spouse? Are you happy together? In this case, you should use marriage statuses to show that you are happy with your partner and you don’t want to change anything in your life. When you are happy, you want to cry out about your happiness. So, why not use statuses to show this? Besides, you’ll avoid unpleasant online acquaintances. Therefore, if you are happy with your husband or wife, a cool Whatsapp status is the best tool allowing you to show this!

In very deed, online statuses can show others who you are, your attitude to life, your mood today, etc. Even if you are at variance with your spouse, an appropriate status can help you make up a quarrel. Today, many couples use marriage statuses online to show their love for each other or their mood today. However, it takes time to write a status yourself. You need to be a good writer and know how to express your thoughts in a written form. Not all users are passionate about writing. In such a scenario, you can use ready marriage statuses which can help you express your viewpoint.

Marriage Statuses for Whatsapp – Choose the Best for Yourself

To avoid puzzling over the problem what status to write, we decided to list the best statuses for you. Mayhap, this information will help you! Have a look at the best marriage statuses and pick the one you like most of all:

  • If you feel sad, just open your heart and let me make you smile!
  • A wedding is the start of a new life! It is the start of togetherness!
  • My marriage is extraordinary because you give a little “extra” to me every day.
  • Do you know what a great marriage is? The one where two absolutely different people learn to be happy together.
  • Is it easy to love each other? No, it is difficult, but if you can, you’ll be happy together.
  • Marriage is a rest between different novels. Seems like I have already finished reading my novel…
  • If your partner leaves your heart breathless, it means you are deeply in love.

Except for these short sentences, you can also add some photos which can show your mood better. Besides, Whatsapp statuses can tell more about yourself. This is a great tool to talk to your followers and show your mood for today.